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Undo It! Kicks off in two weeks! Register today and join Sia Hurst for this 7-week journey.



Moderator - Sia Hurst

How simple lifestyle changes can REVERSE most chronic diseases ... Move More - Eat Well - Stress Less - Love More. Join our book club to explore the secrets and find a life well lived - in balance!

Our 6D Book Club for Undo It! will meet every week - either on Wednesdays beginning on 9 November or on Fridays beginning on 11 November. This book exploration will run for seven weeks.

Weekly - 11:00EST/10:00CST/9:00MT/8:00PST

Though participants are not required to attend meetings each week, due to limited spaces in each group, please ensure the meeting day/time chosen suits your schedule. We would ask that all participants be able to attend most of the meetings, thank you.

About our new book!

"Fight CANCER, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, WEIGHT GAIN, and even the AGING PROCESS itself with a simple, scientifically proven, and fast-acting plan to actually reverse disease - as well as prevent and reduce symptoms - from the world-renowned pioneer of lifestyle medicine, Dean Ornish, M.D."

Based on Dr Ornish's forty years of revolutionary research published in the leading peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, Undo It! includes seventy recipes, easy-to-follow meal plans, tips for stocking your kitchen and eating out, recommended exercises, stress-reduction advice, and inspiring patient stories. It will empower you with new hope and new choices for a brighter and healthier future.

About the authors!

Dean Ornish, M.D.

The founder and president of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and the author of seven books, all national bestsellers.

He has received numerous honors, including the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award from the University of Texas, Austin, and the National Public Health Hero Award from the University of California, Berkeley.

Anne Ornish

Vice president of program development at the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute. She is the creator of the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine digital platform, including and Empower, a turnkey learning management system that trains healthcare professionals and participants throughout the country. Anne Ornish has more than twenty-five years of advanced training in yoga and meditation and was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal.

What others are saying about this book ...

"This groundbreaking book may be the most practical and helpful book you will ever read." Dr Neal Barnard

"Dr. Dean Ornish's forty years of revolutionary scientific research essentially created the field of lifestyle medicine. His new unifying theroy is elegantly simple, profound, and life-changing." Dr Michael Greger

"If you want to see what medicine will be like ten years from now, read this book today." Dr Rita F. Redberg


Be well


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