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NEW! 6D Book Club Registrations Open!

Three Moderators - Three Titles - Seven Different Groups!

We are very pleased to announce that registrations are now open for three of our upcoming 6D Book Club titles. Spaces are limited - reserve your spot today!

Reading is an empowering activity. It is especially powerful when it is a shared experience with a community of like-minded people. 6D Book Club brings people together in an international digital community with a common interest in learning about healthy, balanced living.​

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Moderator: Robin Saul

Begins: October 2022

Real change is hard but author James Clear has written a book about lifelong learning that is framed as book about building better habits. Join us as we experiment and learn how to form good habits that will have the most positive impact to better our lives.

Undo It! by Dr Dean Ornish and Anne Ornish

Moderator: Sia Hurst

Begins: November 2022

Learn how simple lifestyle changes can REVERSE most chronic diseases ... Move More - Eat Well - Stress Less - Love More. Join our book club to explore the secrets and find a life well lived - in balance!

Fiber Fueled by Dr Bulsiewicz

Moderator: Kathy Taylor

Begins: January 2023

The explosion of studies on the microbiome makes it abundantly clear that elimination diets are in fact hazardous to our health. Gut health is the key to boosting our metabolism, balancing our hormones, and taming the inflammation that causes a host of diseases.

And if you still interested in joining the current book club explorations of How Not To Diet by Dr Greger, registrations are still open! This group meets through December 2022.

Moderator: Kathy Taylor


Be well


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