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Join the 6D Team - check out this new opportunity to become part of our team

6D Internship - Article Writer - 12 Weeks - 6 Articles

We are interested in meeting those of you who love to write – about science and health! We look forward to hearing from you and to discussing your opportunity to join our 6D Team. As our team grows so our community benefits and becomes stronger.

6D Living is currently accepting applications for a new internship position. Following a successful internship experience there will be an opportunity to join the 6D Team.

Below you will see how to apply for this position as well as which materials to submit with your application. Please read through the lists carefully and make a check list prior to sending in your application. Only complete application submissions will be considered for the position.


6D Article Writer Internship

  • Duration: 12 weeks (one article published twice monthly)

  • Successful applicants will be given a list of article topics*

  • Each topic will be researched using only credible sources

  • Each article will include a comprehensive Citations section

  • Word Length: 750 – 1500 words (not including citations)

  • Images: 3 – 5 (optional)

*Article Topics

This is a sample of topics for the internship. A final list of topics will depend on the experience and knowledge of the intern chosen. This is the list from which to chose a topic for your Sample Submission Article should you choose to apply for this position.

  • Type 2 Diabetes (causes – mitigators – cures)

  • Vagus Nerve (functions and how to keep it healthy)

  • Cruciferous Vegetables (nutrients – healing properties – preparation techniques)

  • Omega-3 and Seaweed (ALA to EPA to DHA – explain process/benefits of whole plants)

  • Allium Vegetables (nutrients – healing properties – preparation techniques)

  • Microbiome Critters (what are they, what do they do and how do we care for them?)

Application Materials

These materials are required to be considered for the position.

  • Completion Certificate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate at CNS

  • Sample article (topic to be chosen from the Article Topics list above)

  • Sample submission articles will follow all article guidelines above)

  • Current CV

  • Your story/bio (up to 500 words please)

Application Optional Materials

These materials are not required to be considered for the position.

  • Certifications' and/or other Qualifications' documents for other programs or courses you feel are relevant to this position

  • Links to any previous work you would like us to know about

How to apply

1. Choose a topic from the Article Topics* list (see above)

2. Research/Write the article

3. Collect all Application Materials (include any optional materials you feel are relevant)

4. Send an email to

a. Subject Line: Article Writer Internship Application

b. Attach the Application Materials


Thank you for your interest in joining our 6D Team. We look forward to receiving your applications!

Our community becomes stronger and more diverse every day – thanks to you, all of you – our beloved 6D Community.


Be well


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