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Join our Connections group! New groups - all MFP Veterans are welcome!!

This group is for those who wish to stay connected after completing a Modified Fasting Program. This group is designed to provide consistency through a weekly support system built on our shared experiences in the Modified Fasting Program. This new Connections community group will be moderated by Sia Hurst and meet every Wednesday. There are three groups and the first one begins on Wednesday, 5 April


Each week participants will come together to share thoughts, feeling, questions and challenges they face in their quest for optimal health and wellness and share tips and ideas about how to stay 'on protocol' in real life!

This is a follow-up program for those who have completed a Modified Fasting Program and with Sia Hurst as your moderator, you can be sure that the guidance is all 'protocol' friendly - just a bit more creative and adjustable to fit your normal lifestyle when not in a program.

There are three groups available at this time and you are welcome to join one or all of them! Our community is open to all MFP veterans who wish to continue the support system which our programs create.

Three Groups (13 weeks each)

April/June (5 April - 28 June)

July/September (5 July - 27 September)

October/December (4 October - 27 December)

As with our MFP discussions, each week we will be exploring ways we can continue to seek balance in all six dimensions of our lives as well provide guidance, tools and skills to achieve our goals - together as a community.

Connections Objectives

  • Stay connected after a Modified Fasting Program

  • Exchange information

  • Share ideas

  • Explore knowledge

  • Provide guidance

  • Track progress

  • Provide accountability

  • Foster community

  • Provide support and encouragement

  • Walk together towards optimal health and wellness

Who can join Connections

  • Connections is open to all who have completed at least one Modified Fasting Program

  • Eligible 6D Members receive an invitation to join Connections upon completion of a Modified Fasting Program

  • If you have completed an MFP and have not received an invitation to join Connections, please click the link below and join us!

  • Our new Connections groups are ready for you!


Be well


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