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Hormones! Raging Hormones! What are they doing as they run wild and what sets them off?

Many of you know that I am a student at this time and as part of my review materials I like to watch this series whilst walking on my desk treadmill - he talks so quickly that I am a driven to walk faster as well!!

Physical and Intellect working symbiotically! And I am convinced that this combination is helping me to retain so much more about what I am learning! As one of our book clubs is currently exploring Your Body in Balance by Dr Barnard, I thought I would share the two videos in this series about the Endocrine System. Enjoy - and he does talk quickly! So watch a few times or pause a lot!! It is well worth it. These videos are solidifying the information I am learning in a creative, enjoyable and memorable way.

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Endocrine System, Part 1 - Glands & Hormones

"Hank begins teaching you about your endocrine system by explaining how it uses glands to produce hormones. These hormones are either amino-acid based and water soluble, or steroidal and lipid-soluble, and may target many types of cells or just turn on specific ones. He will also touch on hormone cascades, and how the HPA axis affects your stress response."

Endocrine System, Part 2 - Hormone Cascades

"In the second half of our look at the endocrine system, Hank discusses chemical homeostasis and hormone cascades. Specifically, he looks at the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis, or HPT axis, and all the ways your body can suffer when that system, or your hormones in general, get out of whack."


Learning Together

In this series we explore new knowledge together. Information presented in this series is not intended to be used as medical advice, rather it is an effort to share what I am learning as I journey through life. Please share any corrections or additional knowledge in the comments below – together we will keep learning, growing and improving!


Be well


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