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6D Living connects with you to help you get (pro)active in your journey to optimal health with seminars, nutritional challenges, a monthly book club, an informational blog as well as weekly video chats about the WFPB lifestyle with people across the globe.

Perhaps you would like to challenge yourself with a ten-day Back to Basics nutritional challenge or attend an in-depth seminar about Intermittent Fasting, or perhaps you would like to snuggle up with a good book and learn about how to boost your immunity and your brain function ... Get Connected and get started today - with our community.

Choose how you would like to connect with 6D Living by reviewing the schedule of events on our 'Connect' page and then get in touch by filling in the contact form. We will contact you within 24 hours with information and details about how to get connected with our community.

How 6D Living could connect with you

Community Building

Discussion Groups - Book Club - Meet the Author ​Our interactive community is open to individuals around the world and is currently strictly online. We offer a variety of ways to connect with one another, as well as reputable experts, so that we can learn and share new ideas

Personal Challenges

Nutritional - Lifestyle - Fasting ​We work with small groups, individuals, businesses and professional organizations looking to improve their health and wellness through a WFPB lifestyle


Private Groups - Businesses - Professional Organizations ​We offer seminars online to individuals and groups around the world and we offer them live/on site in Greece & Italy

6D Living Blog

Articles - Interviews - Community Connections ​Wellness Information - Videos - Recipes - Educational Links

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