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Living Connections - Our Tether in the Storm

(This post was originally published on 8 September 2020)

Integral to a healthy and balanced life are healthy relationships with other sentient beings. In this digital age, profound connections with others are more infrequent as we replace relationships with likes and shares. Balance this dimension of your life by focusing on real world connections with friends, lovers, spouses, family members, animals and nature.

Share your time with other living things and reap the benefits of hormonal releases in your body which help to maintain our emotional balance.

In order for our world to find its own balance, it is incumbent upon each of us to nurture the symbiotic relationship of all living things in our own lives.

It is during the stormiest of times that the importance of these inter-sentient connections are truly understood. They become the only tether we may have left sometimes and when we have abused that connection, the tether is weakened.

When we abuse our environment the imbalance causes hurricanes, wild fires, tsunamis, drought - all manner of natural upheaval meant to cleanse the toxins from our planet.

When we take our relationships with family and friends for granted and forget to nurture those relationships the neglect causes solitude, depression, addiction and loss.

When we allow animals to be tortured, maimed and killed for either our entertainment or sustenance the imbalance causes sickness and pain throughout society - in some cases leading to outright extinction of an entire species.

Perhaps one day it will be our own species to meet this final consequence to our actions.

There is good news, of course. Each one of us in our corner of the world can begin today to nurture our own connections to all living things. Spend a little time each day this week purposefully connecting with another living being.

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Before beginning a new idea ... take some time to practice a little exercise in clarity and purpose. Take some time to begin by stopping.


Stop setting boundaries Breathe deeply and open the mind to new realities Focus on providing yourself with quality connections to other living organisms Move towards more optimal choices in meeting the your connection needs Flow into a more optimal state of health and well-being

When we balance the six dimensions, we reclaim the power to create our ideas into reality. We have the power to create our lives as we wish them to be.

This is a truth.

It is also a process!

A process which requires commitment and enthusiasm. We find balance by concentrating on the six dimensions of our lives: Nutritional, Physical, Intellectual, Intrapersonal, Intersentient and Creative and nurturing them all.

Be well