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Dr. Frank Sabatino talks with 6D about consistency, deprivation and addiction

Robin Saul was able to interview Dr. Frank Sabatino at the NHA Conference in June 2022. Robin is a registered dietitian who earned a bachelor's degree in agriculture and human nutrition from the University of Florida. She is an active participant in the plant-based community and enjoys educating others how to eat more plants and less processed foods.

Dr Sabatino is a Chiropractic physician who also has a Ph.D. in cell biology and neuroendocrinology from the Emory University School of Medicine. He is presently the Director of Health Education for the National Health Association.

Dr Frank Sabatino

His original research on the effects of brain peptides on the regulation of reproductive hormones was published in 1988. While an assistant professor at the Health Science Center of the University of Texas School of Medicine, he did extensive landmark research on calorie restriction, stress and aging, and has published a number of major scientific papers in some of the most well-respected peer reviewed journals in the fields of cell biology, endocrinology, and neuroscience.

He has also written numerous articles for lay magazines and journals in the areas of clinical nutrition, healthy weight loss, women’s hormones, stress management, addiction, and healthy aging.

"During the NHA conference I was able to interview Dr. Frank Sabatino whom I have gotten to know while attending several events including the NHA conferences. I feel he is well rounded in continuing to educate himself, his love of natural surroundings, commitment to his family and loved ones, knowledge of science and workings in the body, and has a calm and peaceful disposition. I chose to interview him and ask questions that 6D Living folks would find interesting and his answers didn’t disappoint." - Robin Saul


Robin and friends

After visiting True North Health Center two consecutive years, I began attending the National Health Association annual conferences. This year was my fourth time at the NHA and as I looked around, I recognized a core group of people who attend regularly. I was thinking about taking a break next year but then was reminded that next year is the 75th year celebration of the NHA which was founded in 1948 and it will be an even better event.

Some of the things I have enjoyed about attending NHA conferences are as follows:

  • Hearing lectures and then being able to have meals with the speakers and get to know them.

  • Having a wonderful time socially being with friends and meeting new like-minded people.

  • Eating high quality foods that are vegan, salt, oil, sugar free, whole food plant-based.

  • Getting some of my personal questions answered by the doctors who attend, as they are accessible to chat with.

  • Activities such as guided hikes in nearby parks.

I also joined the NHA and soon after chose to be a lifetime member. Some benefits of NHA membership are, receiving quarterly issues of Health Science, having access to a vast library, including a well indexed recipe section. There are also member only discounts with Vitamix and MamaSezz. Those discounts alone will quickly pay for the $35/annual membership fee. $35 Is for those in the US. It is $55 For those outside the US. You can join at:

This post was originally published in 2022


Be well


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