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Balance Your Creative Dimension

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Nurture your Creative Dimension and transform all six other dimensions as well - when our creativity is encouraged, creative lives are lived.

Our creative dimension is in some ways our core dimension, in that everything we think, say and do is a creation (of our minds) and a creative (creating our lives as we understand them). When we choose what to eat, we are creating our health and wellness. When we are cleaning our homes, we are creating an environment which is fresh and healthy. When we choose what to wear, we are creating an image that conveys a bit about who we are to the world. When we choose what to read, we are creating intellectual growth within ourselves. When we choose to exercise, we are creating physical strength and wellness. And on and on and on.

That said, this dimension still needs to be nurtured in order for our lives to be in balance. When we focus on activities that encourage our creativity, we can make more positive creative choices in all areas of our lives.


Balance this dimension by exploring the far corners of your creativity through a variety of activities. Accept that you are truly a creative being and realize that your life is your masterpiece creation - keep creating your story.

Why not audition one of these simple ideas for optimizing your Creative Dimension. Try each one out for ten days and then keep the ones you like - all are designed to help optimize your creative health and well-being.

  1. Each day spend 30 minutes doodling (free flow drawings) or in a coloring book, creating something colorful

  2. Learn a new skill - anything creative from crochet to painting to dance

  3. Clean your closet - go through those closets, throw out the old and create a fresh new look for yourself (this works for any cupboard - creating a fresh, clean environment)

  4. Take an art class with friends, no need to be 'artistic' just creatively curious

  5. Create a photo journal of your week taking pictures each day of your activities

  6. Cook a meal with friends and enjoy dining together

  7. As every thing we do CREATES our reality, take 30 minutes each day to reflect on your daily activities and what they create in your life. Keep a daily journal of your reflections.


Be well


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