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Carla Hoffman launches the new 6D Balance Program - 10 days of exploring, learning and connecting

There are times for most of us when it just feels like we have lost the string connecting us to what we know to be true and real. Let’s face it, life can get overwhelming at times. Often we hear this feeling described as 'feeling unbalanced' or 'mixed up' and even more often we experience this reality in our progressive inability to find balance and calm.

During such times, some of us lose our taste for optimal nutrition and we crave salt, sugar and fat. Some of us find that our couches are more attractive than our treadmills. For some of us, times of stress force us to hibernate and we close ourselves off from the world and yet others find refuge in the digital world of entertainment and forget that books and knowledge are out there for the taking. And alas, for some of us, all of these coping mechanisms to an overwhelming reality are true.

Whether we cope by limiting our optimal nutrient intake (Nutrition) or ignoring our body’s need for regular activity (Physical), or if we confront stress by isolating from our friends (Inter-sentient) or by losing ourselves in front of a screen instead of delving into a book (Intellectual), if we find we cannot spend time in silence with our own thoughts (Intrapersonal) – if we lose our connection to any of these dimensions of our lives, we will not be able to create our ideas into our reality (Creative).

And that is when the final tether is cut. It is difficult to live as a positive and creative being if any of these tethers are cut, living in balance can reinforce and strengthen those tethers on a daily basis.

These types of reactions to stressors serve to isolate us further from finding a vital and dynamic connection to our world and cause us to tumble deeper into the abyss of ill-health. We find we are functioning, but we are no longer comfortable or at peace with our role in the world.


A cure for this dis-ease is what we require. Exploring a little 6D Balance may just be the ideal way to begin searching – and finding! – that cure.

We have the power to connect – to ourselves, our world and our realities. WE are the purveyors of the cure as well as the patients, it is time to heal ourselves from this worldly dis-ease.

This is a time to balance all six dimensions of our lives – and find, once again, the path to optimal health and well-being.

6D Balance Program - Learning to live a balanced life

This 10-day program will introduce participants to all 6 Dimensions (nutritional, physical, intellectual, intrapersonal, intersentient, and creative) through lecture, activities, and group discussion. All participants will embark on a daily intermittent fasting practice using Dr. Michael Greger's whole-plant diet and "daily dozen" as the foundation for the recipes and protocol. Two short water fasts will be included to begin holistic healing!

This new program is moderated by Carla Hoffman. Carla researched and developed this program exclusively for the 6D Community and it launches in August! There is one offered program each month and participants will meet daily at 4:30pm PT, 5:30pm MT, 6:30pm CT, 7:30pm ET during the ten days.

Carla is a graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies from eCornell University where she earned a Plant-Based Certification. She is a certified Nutritarian Coach and has led a whole food, plant exclusive diet for 2 and 1/2 years and has a passion for helping others transition to a healthy lifestyle through holistic nutrition.


Be well


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