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6D Living

Explore the six dimensions (6D) of your life

Create balance between these dimensions

Explore your ideas

Create your reality

Explore your dreams

Create your life

Your life is your creation - your very own masterpiece

Create it with awareness, clarity and kindness




​an aspect or feature of a situation, this use of the word dimension began in the 1920's


aspect, feature, element, facet,side


cut or shape (something) to particular measurements or limits​

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Build A Meal

Begin with Whole, Plant-Based Ingredients and build your optimal nutrition at each and every meal. This meal begins with Valeriana Greens drizzled with Balsamic Cream. Add Brown Rice and Fresh Avocado and for some added color, a few Tomatinas. Finish with a generous serving of Black Bean Dip and enjoy a well-built, nutrient dense, whole food plant-based meal.

And let's not forget dessert! Satisfy that sweet tooth with some Mango Sorbet topped with Chocolate Mousse and a fresh strawberry. Yummy goodness all around!