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Balanced Living – Optimal Health (Live Seminars with Sia Hurst) in Sarasota, Florida June 2023

Updated: Jun 2

Sadly we must announce that as of 2 June, 2023 this event has been cancelled. We hope to be able to offer these seminars in the Autumn - with online options for participants. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused. This blog post has been updated to reflect our future plans for these seminars.


6D Living is based on an idea rooted in balance. At 6D Living, our goal is to share ideas about how to best balance each of the six dimensions of our lives. And in June we would like to connect with you to talk about not only optimal plant-based nutrition but optimal balanced living as well.


Seminars with Sia Hurst

Below you will find the topics list for the seminars we hope to offer - online - in the Autumn of 2023. Please take a look and let me know if these topics are of interest - as well as any other topics you feel would be beneficial for our community, thank you.

Be well,


About Balanced Living – Optimal Health Seminar Series · Our seminar presentation will last about 45 minutes

· Seminar presentation will be followed by a community question/discussion time and last between 30-45 minutes

Seminar Topics

Optimal Nutrition & Balanced Living

Optimal nutrition and balanced living – the basics, the science and the guidance

Fiber and Hydration – understanding this is the alpha and the omega of it all

Food Groups – exploring all 13 of them and their benefits to our health

Food as Medicine – what you can use to cure what ails you, naturally

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting – the how, why and when of it all

Types of IF practice – myths, mistakes and guidance

Benefits to daily practice

Impact on body fat

Training and fasting

Explore Our Bodies from the Inside-Out

Exploring our bodies (physiologically!) – learn about how your body works on the inside

Endothelial health and its impact on our digestion, immunity and mental health

Hydration and movement – diversifying our nutrition diversifies our ‘critters’

Blood Glucose – understanding your own ranges and how to track your levels

Liver/Pancreas/Gallbladder – the dynamic trio that literally saves your life daily

Beginning - Preparing - Maintaining the Lifestyle

Beginning again – how to ensure success in your journey towards optimal health

Preparing your pantry and your kitchen – tips and tricks to make it easier

Preparing plant strong recipes – batch cooking with diversity at its core

Preparing your mind for balance, calm, forgiveness and acceptance

Preparing to ‘adjust your sails’ as you redefine the terms normal and healthy

Bringing your mind and your body closer together in balance


Be well


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