Activities to Balance Your Intrapersonal Dimension

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Time with yourself is an important dimension of life.During this time we allow ourselves to reflect, ponder and analyze our ideas, actions and feelings. We meet ourselves in our own private world, in our own truth.

Each and every day we move through the world actively engaging with ideas, people, work and pleasure. This Intersentient Dimension of life is important, but what about actively engaging with ourselves? Is that not also important?

Too often we forget to make time for ourselves - truly alone time spent in contemplative analysis or simply quiet time focusing on nothing at all. Without this commitment to our own internal health, we can be more easily led astray from our personal path and into decisions and actions that are against our own best interests. This 'alone time' is the Stop.Breathe.Focus. time of the 6D 30 Second of Clarity practice. It is never wise to Move before focusing and Flow cannot be achieved without clarity of purpose. Take the time to know yourself and transform not only how the world sees you, but also how you see the world.

Balance this dimension through explorations of meditation, writing and nature. Learn to know yourself profoundly and your ideas will become clearer. You can then better reflect your true self to the world.

Why not audition one of these simple ideas for optimizing your Intrapersonal Dimension. Try each one out for a week and then keep the ones you like - all are designed to help optimize your intrapersonal health and well-being.

  1. Dedicate 30 minutes each day to quiet meditation

  2. Every morning, before beginning your day, spend 30 minutes practicing stream of consciousness writing

  3. Practice Ujjayi breathing every evening just before bedtime

  4. Journal a different emotion each day (ex: on one day, write the word 'joy' at the top of the page, write without pausing for 20 minutes about anything in your mind when you think about the emotion 'joy'. Do this each day, with a new emotion.)

  5. Remove all technology and data input for seven days - spend this  time unplugged.

  6. Spend time with old photographs and videos of your own memories every evening before bedtime

  7. Write yourself a letter giving your 18 year old self advice for what lies ahead (do this for yourself at ages 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 - unless those ages are in the future!)

Explore all Six Dimensions and begin your journey towards balance and optimal health

Be well