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Our interactive community is open to individuals around the world. We offer a variety of ways to connect with one another so that we can share new ideas and learn together.

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Small Groups - Businesses - Professional Organizations

We offer seminars online to individuals and groups around the world and we offer them live/on site in Greece & Italy. Seminar topics include Intermittent Fasting, Gut Health, Plant Focused Living Basics, Living in Balance and Creating Health in Your Kitchen.

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Personal Challenges

Nutritional - Lifestyle - Fasting

We work with small groups, individuals, businesses and professional organizations looking to improve their health and wellness through balance.

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Join a Scheduled 6D Event or Program

6D events and programs are regularly offered and joining is simple. Check our events listings on our home page to register.

Online Class

Individualized 6D Program

This option is perfect for those who may

  • prefer a date/time which is not currently offered in our Community Events listings


  • prefer to experience one on one coaching


  • prefer a more intensive program which includes personal coaching over a chosen number of weeks

If you would prefer an individualized program, please connect with us via email (balance@6dliving.com) so we can discuss your personal goals, schedule preferences and start date, thank you.

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Create Your Own 6D Event!

This options is perfect for those who have a group of people interested in experiencing a 6D program together.

To book this option, please connect with us via email (balance@6dliving.com) so we can discuss the details for your group event.