100 Day Challenge

6D Living in Balance

This challenge is an intensive focus on all Six Dimensions over a prolonged period of time which is broken up into ten-day segments called Chapters. Each chapter focuses on developing balance in either one particular dimension, a pair of dimensions or all six dimensions together. The goal of this challenge is to achieve true balance in all Six Dimensions, the end result of which is optimal health and well-being.


100 Day Challenge

Dimensional Focus

for each chapter

Chapter 1 Nutritional

Chapter 2 Physical

Chapter 3 Intellectual

Chapter 4 Intrapersonal

Chapter 5 Creative

Chapter 6 Intersentient

Chapter 7 Nutritional & Physical

Chapter 8 Creative & Intersentient

Chapter 9 Intellectual & Intrapersonal

Chapter 10 All Six Dimensions

*each chapter lasts for 10 days


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