Back to Basics

10 Day Program


Define each of the six dimensions for your life

Practice activities that nurture each dimension

Practice activities that balance the dimensions

Gain tools for achieving balance beyond the BTB program


Guided discussions in daily meetings

Focused activities to nurture each dimension

Links, videos and information about the dimensions

Community Connections

Daily meet-up* on line via Zoom

Daily email from 6D Living with activities and information

*click here to see the meeting times in your time zone


I participated in a "Back to Basics" program. Sia provided very thorough, informative documents explaining the 6 Dimensions, and also charts that we printed to track our progress. We started the week with setting our individual goals in each of the six dimensions, and sharing with the other members. We chatted daily via zoom about our goals and how our day progressed. The zoom chats were very helpful by keeping me accountable to my goals, as well as to gain hints from the other members. We not only shared our goals, but also our feelings and struggles during the week. It was a very successful week and helped me refocus to a what a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle means to me.

Sia was very organized with sending our material early, enabling us to understand the six dimensions and have time to plan our goals for each section. She emphasized that our goals were ours, no matter how big or small and encouraged us to make goals that were attainable to each of us. Sia is an excellent leader, but also a lot of fun!!

Carol Schmechel